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LAMBDA T3 heat not burn tobacco heating device (Army green)

  • The newest technology for a heating blade, the Titanium Steel Alloy Heating Blade, NEVER BREAKS, HEATS MORE UNIFORMLY AND WELL, WITH ORIGINAL TASTE. Goodbye, broken blade issue; see you later.
    The first 2.5D curved tempered glass in the world, along with CNC Aviation Aluminum and Piano Paint Technology, is a unique design. gives you a different feeling with the Heat Not Burn Device!
    HEATSTICKS: 20 PCS: 1500mAh Customized Polymer Lithium, Supports 18-20 Heatsticks for Smoking on a Full Charge, Extremely Durable!
    SMOKING TIME OF 5.5 MINUTES: 1 PC Stick can satisfy the desire to smoke for 5.5 minutes or 16 puffs.Intelligent 16-Puff Calculation to Ensure Uniformity of Each Puff in Heavy Smog!
    Various heatsticks require various heating temperatures in order to enjoy their various flavors. suitable for all types of sticks.
    Keep the device in NEW CONDITION at all times while making cleaning simple and convenient.MAGNETIC Cap: Refined and Elegant, Plug and Play, Embedded Magnetic Design, Easy Heatstick Removal * Device Only, No Nicotine
    Device for heating tobacco that doesn’t burn: LAMBDA T3 (Army green)

    1.) TITANIUM STEEL ALLOY HEATING BLADE, Newest Heating Blade Technology, NEVER Breaks, Heating More Uniform and Well-burned with Original Taste.Say goodbye to the issue with the broken blade going forward.

    2.) Unique Design’s First Heat-Not-Burn Device Made of 2.5D Curved Tempered Glass, CNC Aviation Aluminum, and Piano Paint Will Give You A Different Feeling!

    3. 20 PCS STICKS, 1500mAh Customized Polymer Lithium, Supports 18-20 Heatsticks for Smoking on a Full Charge, Exceptionally Durable!

    4.) LONG SMOKING TIME: 1 PC Stick can satisfy a smoking craving for 5.5 minutes or 16 puffs.To Ensure Heavy Smog and Uniform Puffs

    5.) TWO ADJUSTABLE TEMPERATURES: Each Heatstick flavor necessitates a different heating temperature.

    6.) AUTO CLEANING + SUPER LARGE HEATING SPACE, Maintains the device in NEW condition by making cleaning simple and convenient.

    7.) MAGNETIC cap with an embedded magnetic design that makes removing the heatstick simple.

    8.) LED: Different LED light colors are used to display different battery statuses.



    Object No. T3
    Temperatures of operation: High and standard temperatures
    This is a heating blade made of titanium steel alloy.
    Battery capacity of 1500 mAh
    Input Voltage: 5V/2A
    Approximately 70 minutes for charging
    18 to 20 times per day (Full Charge)
    Time: 5.5 minutes
    16 puffs total (14 + 2 puffs).
    Weight: 70g 100.5*31*16.2 mm DimensionsGlass, aluminum alloy, PPSU, and PEEKArmy green color
    All sticks of the same type are compatible.

    The package contains T3 x 1 Brush x 1 USB Cable x 1 Swabs x 5 Manual x 1.

    Only the device, no nicotine

    A Legal Disclaimer

    Therefore, “device alone, no nicotine”

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