IQOS VEEV pods Red mix 2 pouch in Dubai

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  • Red Mix 2 pouches are used for the sale of IQOS VEEV pods in Dubai.

    The red and white IQOS pods The two pouches are manufactured in Dubai utilizing premium materials and nicotine salts with concentrations of 18 mg/ml (1.6%) or 35 mg/ml (3.5%), respectively. The pods are designed to be resistant to tampering in order to ensure that the e-liquid cannot be changed. The Sunglow Mix: Exotic & Zesty has smells of red stone fruits mixed with tangy undertones.

    There are also two separate IQOS VEEV pods available in a red mix. Dubai possesses 2 pouches.
    traditional mint pods IQOS VEEV IQOS VEEV classic blend capsules, 2 pouches IQOS VEEV combo pods come in 2 pouches. IQOS VEEV Green mix in two pouches 2 pouches of mixed IQOS VEEV pods Dubai has one pack.
    Package Contents

    1 Sunglow Mix-colored IQOS VEEV cartridge pair

    Key characteristics include: rapidly changing flavors;
    There is no flavor aftertaste while switching between kinds of capsules.
    Premium liquids made in the EU are used in VEEV taste capsules.
    Food-grade flavorings and pharmaceutical-grade nicotine are used in the liquids to ensure purity.
    Each VEEV cap has the innovative MESH heater built right in, so you don’t have to replace the coil and wick by hand.

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