IQOS VEEV pods classic blend 2 pouch

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IQOS VEEV pods classic blend 2 pouch

The IQOS VEEV pods classic blend 2 pouch contains pharmaceutical-grade nicotine salts with a concentration of 18mg/ml (1.6%) that are made in Europe using high-quality materials. The pods are designed to be resistant to tampering in order to ensure that the e-liquid cannot be changed.

The traditional blonde is bright and smells good, with hints of tobacco and flowers.

Nicotine content is 1.6% (18 mg/ml).

Lactic acid, nicotine, flavorings, water, PG, and VG are the ingredients.

1.5ml of VEEV-compatible liquid has already been added to the VEEV Pod.

A classic-blend IQOS VEEV pod gives 400 hits on average and lasts more than 2 days.

For your safety, VEEV pods are made so that they can’t be opened and the liquid inside hasn’t been changed.

It is based on a daily average of 145 shots, but your circumstances may vary.

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