iqos terea tropical menthol for iluma | buy near me dubai

د.إ 295.00

iqos terea tropical menthol for iluma | buy near me dubai

Great sweet and icy balance of tropical fruits mix and the coolness of tropical menthol. For use with IQOS iluma terea bias only.

Price is per pack. 1 pack contains 20 heatsticks sticks.
The innovative heating technology in latest IQOS Iluma teria bias is the Smartcore Induction System that heats the tobacco from within the latest Terea Smartcore stick. These lately designed heatsticks sticks are to be used only with IQOS Iluma, which features an machine- launch function that detects when the Terea stick is fitted and automatically turns on the device.

These bladeless bias offer a cleaner way to heat tobacco from the core, without burning it, to give a farther harmonious experience, no tobacco residue, and no need to clean the device.
Also, they induce no combustion and no bank, and PMI’s request disquisition indicates that IQOS ILUMA teria tropical menthol provides a more pleasurable experience compared to former IQOS generations.

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