IQOS TEREA Bright Menthol for ILUMA 1box in Dubai

د.إ 285.00

IQOS TEREA Bright Menthol for ILUMA 1box in Dubai:

With the help of flavored menthol, you can take pleasure in the aroma of green fruit.

And the taste of a mixture of fruity scent and fresh smell has become more popular.

It tastes energizing, like grapefruit and green apples.

Compared to “Marlboro, heat stick, bright menthol” in the old iQos heat stick, the flavor of TEREA, bright menthol.

Flavor ILUMA, where you can experience a clear taste, works well with the flavor because it is refreshing, even in menthol.


There is little smell because the tobacco leaves in the iQos ILUMA/Prime unique stick “TEREA” are encapsulated and don’t fall into the device and burn.

Tobacco leaf dust collects on the bottom of traditional iQos devices and is difficult to remove. However, with TEREA, the dust does not escape and removal is no longer required.

TEREA can be considered a tobacco stick that can be smoked with less stress than the traditional stick because there is no concern that the heating blade will break and break.

The stick gives off no smell while being smoked or afterward.

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