Iqos Marlboro tropical menthol IN VAPE DUBAI

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Iqos Marlboro tropical menthol IN VAPE DUBAI;

“Hearts Frost Green” and “Hearts Cool Jade” special cigarette sticks from the heated tobacco “IQOS”.

The revolutionary ‘heat not burn’ system gives you that instant nicotine rush while not imparting any of that nasty tar or those harmful carcinogens that contain in cigarette smoke.

For the ultimate satisfaction with an extremely reduced risk, there is no better option than the iQOS system with genuine Marlboro Heatsticks. There are two brands of tobacco sticks that are compatible with IQOS: Marlboro HeatSticks and HEETS. Marlboro HeatSticks launched alongside the IQOS device in 2014 and are prominent in Japan, while HEETS is an updated and more recent version.

HEETS flavors are named as colors (Bronze, Sienna, Amber, Yellow, Blue, Turquoise, Purple, Forest Green, and Cool Jade). Marlboro HeatSticks flavors sound more like cigarettes: Smooth Regular, Balanced Regular, Menthol, Mint, Purple Menthol, Yellow Menthol, and Tropical Menthol. 

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The descriptions of these flavors as well as their names are purposefully vague and avoid traditional flavor categories by using descriptors like wooden, balanced, and fine. Most of these flavors are variations of tobacco or menthol with a few exceptions. Purple labels are blueberry flavor and are only available in Russia, Ukraine. And also in Japan, and Forest Green, Cool Jade, and Tropical Menthol are only available in Japan.


In July of 2019, Japan launched three new tobacco flavors for IQOS. HEETS Forest Green and Cool Jade and Marlboro Tropical Menthol. The flavors were highly advertised and branded as a collaboration with famous Japanese pastry chef Sadaharu Aoki. An article on the Japanese IQOS page explains how Chef Aoki created the new flavors modeled after macaron cookies; customers got the chance to pair the new Tropical Menthol flavor with Aoki s macarons at a tasting event.

Although the IQOS tobacco sticks are usually not advertised as food flavored, they are often displayed alongside food similar to the macaron event. Events in Japan have encouraged customers to pair Heatsticks with chocolate and coffee, and IQOS advertising worldwide showcases IQOS alongside meals and alcohol. These campaigns normalize and connect IQOS to minor vices like drinking coffee or enjoying a sweet treat.

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