IQOS Marlboro Regular In Dubai

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IQOS Marlboro Regular In Dubai

IQOS Marlboro Regular in Dubai It’s a new style of smoking. Also less Sidestream smoke, but keeps tobacco taste. Most smokers in the urban areas changed to iqos, because its taste is very similar to actual tobacco.
iQOS devices are now difficult to buy in Japan because of the popular wave. But we can buy for you from the auction market.

Scoring of the Heatstick TasteMARLBORO IQOS Regular Tobacco’s authentic taste. Especially, richness and sophistication Taste comparable to Marlboro Red & Mevius cigarettes. Heets IQOS Amber Label Heatsticks.
One (1) Ream of MARLBORO Original Heatsticks contains 10 packs = 200 sticks. That can be used with IQOS LIL and Torque HiTaste HNB devices. Certified Original Heatsticks from Marlboro Other Flavors available.

The Cool Features are

Likely normal tobacco. But less smell after smoke.

Lighter Taste than Regular.


Lighter than REGULAR but satisfied with the sharpness. Recommended for Woman’s smokers.


Feeling light menthol and tobacco mixed.

Very popular taste in Japan.
Feeling Strong menthol than tobacco.


Strongest menthol taste than green package
Delivery Available in Emirates
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