IQOS Marlboro Balanced Regular in dubai

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iqos marlboro balanced regular in dubai

IQOS Marlboro ‘Regular’ Balanced It’s a really novel way to smoke that produces less sidestream smoke while maintaining the tobacco flavor.
Because iqos tastes so much like real tobacco, most urban smokers switched to it.
Due to the popular wave, it is currently difficult to purchase iQos devices in Japan regularly. However, we can purchase them for you from the auction mark.

Regular-balanced heatstick for iQos electronic cigarettes (ICOS).

Without fire, ash vanishes, odor is reduced, and cigarette leaves are heated.
The refined tobacco’s well-balanced flavor
Therefore, an IQOS pocket charger and a dedicated iQOS holder are needed.

There is only one package available.
(If you require more, choose the carton option, which has 10 items in a box.)

Recommended if you prefer foods that taste a little lighter than usual.
It is easy to use as a substitute for your main tobacco, which contains 10 mg or less (especially 1 to 8 mg).

Smoking may make you feel a little unsatisfied at first, but after some time it will become acceptable.
If you are smoking a light cigarette, you can move without difficulty (around 1 mg).
The Heatstick Taste’s rating


It’s probably regular tobacco.

But after smoking, it smells less.

SMOOTH REGULAR: A milder version of a regular.

BALANCED REGULAR is lighter than REGULAR but delighted with its sharpness.

recommendation for female smokers.

Tobacco and menthol are blended in a mild manner.

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MENTHOL (Green) (Green) is a
very well-liked flavor in Japan.
stronger menthol sensation than smoking

BLUE MENTHOL (PURPLE) – more potent than green packet menthol tea.

Please see the details below (6-type taste comparison)

Other Heatstick Products

Six flavors are available for the IQOS Heatstick Regular (Blue)
MINT (Emerald Green) (Emerald Green)
(Green) (Green) MENTHOL


Delivery is offered in the Emirates.
Iqos cigarettes are for sale in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.
To purchase Iqos Iluma standard, Iqos 3 pair, Iqos 3 multi, Iqos vape accessories, heets, and Teria heatstick items in various flavors and colors, visit our website right away. We offer you the convenience of home delivery.

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  1. Asif Ali khan

    IQOS Marlboro Balanced Regular in dubai is a latest Vape device and smart design

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