Iqos Lil solid blue IN DUBAI/UAE

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Iqos Lil solid blue IN DUBAI;

Philip Morris is introducing the little SOLID gadget, which was created by the South Korean business KT&G. It is a small, lightweight device that is really convenient to use because of its all-in-one design, straightforward display, and vibration system.

With no smoke or ash, DUAL HEAT tobacco heating technology gradually warms tobacco from the inside up to 350°C, revealing its taste and aroma.

The battery is intended to endure for 20 sessions on a full charge, which translates to an entire day. A further 4 sessions will be accessible in just 3.5 minutes after using the first 4. When your little solid is ready to start working again, the display will let you know.

More Amenities

Design-wise, the lil is only somewhat taller than a Glo Nano. However, it is more of an IQOS clone in terms of technology. Now, while IQOS employs a heating blade, Glo heats the tobacco along the edge through a layer of paper. In addition, Lil includes a heater that heats the tobacco stick from the inside by penetrating it. All that is circular, like a knitting needle, is the blade.

And this is really cool because the heating blade for the IQOS is made of ceramic, which makes it a fairly brittle and easily breakable component. The heater in Little is metallic and more dependable.

Plastic with a metalized soft-touch finish makes up the body. Pleasant to the touch and comfortable in the hand, An oval plug and a metal insert are located above. You can insert a stick by moving it.

There is a single button with an LED indicator that controls Lil Solid. Unfortunately, there is a micro-USB charging port on the bottom rather than a Type-C one. The device’s top portion can be removed. The device’s heating chamber cover can also be removed for cleaning. The apparatus is designed to be used with Fiit tobacco sticks.


Iqos Lil in solid blueThe tiny SOLID device is included.
The USB type B power supply is used to charge devices through networks. suitable for charging the gadget via a computer, an external battery, or the mains.
some STRONG cleaningdevice that will keep your little solid clean and consistent in taste and feel
cleaning Sticks (10 pcs.) (10 pcs.)

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Dubai Abu Dhabi, Ajman The United Arab Emirates Dubai Fujairah Sharjah Al Barsha, Sharjah Al Ghubaiba, Sharjah Al-Nahda, Sharjah Al-Qusais, Dubai Alin, Sharjah Umm Al Quwain Abu Shagara


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