Iqos Lil solid black IN DUBAI UAE

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United Arab Emirates
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Fujairah Sharjah
Umm Al Quwain
Abu Shagara, Sharjah
Al Barsha, Dubai
Al Dhaid, Sharjah
Al Ghubaiba, Sharjah
Al Nahda, Sharjah
Al Qusais, Dubai


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Iqos Lil solid black IN DUBAI UAE;

If you liked IQOS 3.0 Multi, you might like to try Lil Solid Plus. With 38 consecutive uses, this tiny gadget packs a powerful punch. lil is compatible with HEETS, but it also works with KT&G’s own brand of HeatSticks, known as fiit. It also provides automatic cleaning, something IQOS does not. This implies that you have access to even more taste possibilities.

The only issue we have is that Lil Solid Plus is a little challenging to find. These devices are not sold on the official KT&G website, which is available worldwide. This implies that if you reside somewhere other than Korea, where they are conveniently available, you will have to buy from a third party and presumably pay a premium price. We spent US $190. Make yourself ready.

Furthermore, Lil’s instructions are entirely in Korean, making it clear that the device was not created with a global audience in mind. We are a little concerned about what we would do if we ever needed technical help or maintenance as a result of this. We are unsure for sure, but given that we didn’t purchase from the maker or an authorized store, we believe we would likely be out of luck. That would be a significant sum of money to lose if something went wrong. Cost-benefit analysis is undoubtedly something you should think about before deciding whether or not to purchase this equipment.


Iqos Lil’s solid black features automatic cleaning.

outstanding quality.

Lil Solid Plus has a fantastic design. In fact, several smaller HnB producers have copied this design since it is so well-liked. The aesthetic of Lil Solid Plus is slick, contemporary, businesslike, and expensive-looking. Additionally, it has a lovely finish that is comfortable to handle.

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Dubai Abu Dhabi, Ajman The United Arab Emirates Dubai Fujairah Sharjah Al Barsha, Sharjah Al-Ghubaiba, Sharjah Al Nahda, Sharjah Al Qusais, Dubai Alin, Sharjah Umm Al Quwain, Abu Shagara

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  1. Parvez Ahmed

    Iqos Lil solid black IN DUBAI UAE, is best product in IQOS, I buy this product from vape iq online

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