IQOS heets Slate Selection in Dubai UAE

د.إ 130.00

Products containing tobacco (like Heets Slate Selection in Dubai) are only meant to be used with electric heating systems. One carton is used for the transaction. A smooth and fragrant tobacco blend with subtle spicy undertones. Only electric heating IQOS Heets are intended for the use of tobacco products. In contrast to a traditional cigarette, which burns at 800 degrees, the HEETS Slate Selection heats the mini tobacco sticks (known as Heets) to 350 degrees and produces smoke vapour rather than traditional smoke. This new heat does not burn technology heats the mini tobacco sticks (known as Heets) but does not actually burn them.

IQOS offers a slate of features in Dubai:

20 sticks in a pack.
10 packets in a carton.
A single stick of tobacco contains 6.1 g of tobacco mixture, net weight.
manufactured in a Russian PMI facility

Slate sphere, Amber Selection, Gold Selection, IQOS Heets, Skate Silk Sonic Vocal Coach

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