IQOS Heets Creation Glaze in dubai

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IQOS Heets Creation Glaze in dubai

Heets Creation Glaze by IQOS Do you feel like trying something new? The universe of tastes is explored in HEETS Creations. Four new blends made by true professionals Discover new dimensions of taste and feeling with IQOS.

HEETS Designs There are four distinct types of glaze heat sticks. Apricity (blend with woody and fruity flavors, culminating with a silky, creamy finish) (Blend with woody and fruity notes, ending with a velvety, creamy finish). Noor(an elegant blend with a toasty nutty flavor and delicate citrus and fruity undertones) (An elegant blend with a warm nutty flavor and delicate citrus and fruity notes.) Yugen(a wonderful blend of fruity and berry notes and flowery fragrances with a concluding fresh chord) (A delightful combination of fruity and berry notes and floral aromas with a final fresh chord.) Glaze (A deft combination of fresh and

How long do heets last?

As with cigarettes, each HEETS tobacco stick allows for up to 14 puffs of enjoyment.
This box has 10 packs, for a total of 200 HEETS. Each pack has 20 carefully chosen tobacco sticks, making a total of 200 HEETS.

Glaze by HEETS Creations.

HEETS Creations flavors are all available for simultaneous tasting.
Each flavor is represented by a pack in the set.

Rich and creamy apricity HEETS. Woody and sweet with fruity overtones in a tobacco combination that has a silky, creamy finish. Warm fruity overtones in the aroma.

Noor has a warm, citrusy scent. An elegant tobacco mix with a mild citrus and fruity flavor and a toasty, nutty undertone. Citrus fruits with a subtle aroma

Glaze Soft and aromatic heets. A delicate blend of fragrant herbs and fresh spices that has a smooth, creamy finish. Aromatic herbs are a good example.

Rich and flowery Yugen HEETS. A lovely blending of floral and fruity tones, with a final chord that is quite fresh. Fresh flower notes are the aroma.

Only electric heating systems (iQOS) are intended to use tobacco products (HeatSticks). The sale is conducted in 1 carton (10 packs of 200 tobacco sticks). D Fresh herbs and delicately blended spices provide a lovely, creamy finish.

Philip Morris International is the manufacturer of HEETS sticks for the iQOS electric heating system.
Developing nation: Russia

Delivery Available in Emirates
Abu Dhabi
Ras al Khaimah

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  1. Mohammed imrul Hasan

    IQOS Heets Creation Glaze in dubai available, this is good vape e-cig, I buy this from vape iq online shop

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