Iqos cleaning liquid 1 bottle IN DUBAI

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Cleaning liquid 1 bottle IN DUBAI

Cleaner The Cleaner Exclusive for iQOS, COSnu 50ml cleaning liquid for Heated cigarette. iQOS is a trademark of Philip Morris International Inc. It is entirely not relevant to the distributor of COSnu. COSnu is a cleaner developed exclusively for Heated cigarettes. If you buy a Heated cigarette, cleaning supplies are necessities!

Please also clean the cleaning brush every time at the same time with the main body. If you do not do it, Tar will remain and you can not taste the original cigarette taste.

■Effects: 1. Cleaning tar off 2. Deodorant 3. Sterilization 4. Anti-rust 5. Antistatic

■Features: Producing an effect while being harmless to the people, metals and the environment. “Reviving the Taste” The cleaner removes the tar and the odor to bring back the original taste of iQOS.

Furthermore, sterilization and anti-rust can be performed at one time. And, the antistatic effect prevents any new dirt after cleaning. The cleaning liquid does not contain chlorine, sodium hydroxide, ethanol, and any abrasive. You can use the cleaner at ease for any equipment of iQOS.

Since it is odor-free, it does not affect the taste of iQOS cigarettes. You can get back the original taste of iQOS cigarette after cleaning. Please do not use the cleaner for any other purpose than cleaning, cleansing, and maintaining iQOS.

Product Description.

■How to Use:

Spray the cleaning liquid 2 to 3 times to the brush exclusive for iQOS. And discard the liquid after approximately 10 to 20 seconds. Make sure to insert the brush into the iQOS stick body from the bottom part and clean up the dirt. (Do not insert the brush from the top part.)

Wipe the inside of the stick with a cotton swab. Turn on the switch of the stick and leave it for about one minute to dry the inside. Never spray the cleaning liquid directly to the inside of the stick. (It may cause the failure.) If there remains stiff dirt, spray the liquid to a cotton swab and clean the stick further.

■Storage Precautions:

  •  cleaning liquid 1 bottle 100% brand new and high quality.
  • Feature: Made of high-quality material, safe, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and will not do harm to our health. Good cleaning effect on for IQOS electronic cigarette. It can effectively help us to clean and tidy our IQOS. Good performance, exquisite workmanship, compact size for us to take and carry.

We offer our service about 24 hour/7 days, in shipping and delivery.

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  1. Nusrat rahaman

    Iqos cleaning liquid 1 bottle IN DUBAI is a good vape accessories. I buy vape product from vapeiqonline

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