Heets Sun Pearl Mix Berries for iqos buy in dubai

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Heets Sun Pearl Mix Berries for iqos buy in dubai:

The Heets Sun Pearl mix berries for iqos buy in dubai newest pack has a laconic design with a red background. HEETS tobacco heat-sticks are designed to be used with a tobacco heating system.


There are 10 packs in a tinderbox. Each pack contains 20 tobacco heat-sticks.

Description of Taste Heets for iqos Sun Pearl mixed berries:


A balanced, roasted tobacco mix with light hints of racy sauces. And when you press the button, reveals a pleasantly stimulating taste with hints of summer mix berries.

Sweet notes from balanced tobacco to stimulating menthol notes & summer berry


Full item name HEETS Sun plum tobacco heat-sticks, 1 tinderbox( 10 packs)

Suitable for IQOS 2.4 Plus, IQOS 3, IQOS 3 MULTI, iqos 3 duo



Heets for iqos sun Pearl mixed berries are designed for use with e-cigarettes from different IQOS flavours. They differ from other brand heat-sticks by their uniquel design, which includes


A capsule with a button- when pressed, the aroma and delicious flavour are revealed;

A sludge, which is a cellulose acetate prophet;

A cylinder for cooling the incoming aerosol. It’s made of sludge- this material is safe for humans;

An air inflow chamber needed to deflect the aerosol onto the cylinder and to hold the tobacco breach in position.

This design ensures a smooth and full exposure of flavour notes, so you get further enjoyment from the smoking process.


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