Heets Dubai| HEETS AMARELO FUSE 1box

د.إ 130.00

Heets Dubai| HEETS AMARELO FUSE 1box :


Cool Dubai. A smooth and aromatic tobacco mix with a pronounced citrus flavor and subtle spicy undertones is called Amarelo Fuse. to be used with IQOS hardware.

The cost is quoted per carton. One carton has 200 sticks (10 packs of 20 sticks each).

Product Specifics

240 g Citrusy and potent
A blend of soft and fragrant tobacco with flavorful citrus and gentle spice overtones.

Real tobacco reimagined in Heets, created for Heets Dubai.

Heets is an entirely new approach to appreciating v. They unlock a completely new world of flavor and taste since they are made from the finest leaves and are manufactured as small “sticks.”

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